Benas Scammer

Benas Leonavicius is still out there. He is getting projects from clients and outsourcing them to people for a very low compensation. He will pay you at first promising bulk projects to follow but once the BIG project is done, he will let you hanging and say awful things like “the work did not meet the criteria”.

Please beware of this scammer if you don’t want to get burned.


Benas Leonavicius is a Scammer

Benas Leonavicius is a Scammer

Benas Leonavicius from Denmark is a BIG scammer. According to his Linkedin profile, he is the founder of SEO ARTICLES.

He will let you write hundreds of articles for a very low price, making you finish them in a short period of time and then will rip you off by saying he will not pay for them.

I searched for the articles I wrote for him and to my surprise, they were already posted to this site which I guess is his client.

Note: I have also contacted the site to stop this person from his wrong doings.

BEWARE of this person. I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. Such a waste of time and effort.

Below are some details about him:

Twitter: @BLeonavicius